Cordell Suite of Products

La Verne, CA – CORDELL, INC is proud to be celebrating its 40th Anniversary (1979-2019) supporting the communications industry. With more than 300 customers worldwide, Cordell is a leading provider of network solutions for network alarms, engineering and operations. Partial list of Cordell approved partners are Ribbon/Genband, Metaswitch, Mapcom and Calix.

Partners and Products

Cordell’s suite of products include:

  • Ribbon C15 and Metaswitch Quality of Service Voice Quality Measurement (VQM) for CDR and AMA,
  • VM Ware Network Operations Centers (NOC),
  • Traffic Engineering and Alarm Reporting Software.
  • RTUs provide contact, analog and environmental monitoring and controls.

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CiNAS Network Management – VMWare or Server Based

Cordell announced its new CiNAS C5.3 upgrade that includes options such as Active Directory in its C5-VM (for VM Ware).  This C5 improves screen functionality and flexibility, by incorporating Cordell’s SiteBook (site information), Inventory and alarm message GUI access from a single screen.  This platform furnishes NOC personnel with:


  • Single screen to access all information pertaining to alarms and the respective site
  • Browser Based – Allows for alarms to be delivered to your workstation or mobile device
  • Customized Screens – Each user can have 10 screens (Type of Equipment or access device – Cell, Tablet etc.)
  • Delivery – Dynamic Screen (Crit/Major/Minor) or Map – Based on type of equipment and/or geographical location

Voice Quality Measurements (VQM) Quality of Service Software

Dashboard display Call Detail Records (CDR) and AMA Call Records for the purpose of recording usage and developing reports.  System includes MOS and R-Scores for evaluating service levels, troubleshooting and report generation.  Reports can be exported and alarm conditions will be delivered to users.  Search criteria such as 911, international calls and service level reports are included.  Software is available for the Ribbon C15 and Metaswitch.

ISD4000 Linux Element Management System (EMS)

Available Platforms: VM-Ware, DC or AC powered Server.  This multi-port device can handle a wide range of MIB/Trap based platforms for pre-processing and delivery to a NOC or Cordell’s CiNAS Platform. Network information:


  • MIB/Traps for Alarms
  • Engineering (switch) Traffic Information
  • SNMP GETS and Values for Graphing
  • Environmental and Site Information – Sensors/GenRun and Video Recording
  • CDR and AMA for Quality of Service – C15 and Metaswitch

Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Cordell offers a wide variety of RTU’s and sensors to meet customer requirements.  These are some of the most advanced platforms available.  Features include: SNMP, SNMPv2/v3, Security – SSH and SSHv2, Multiple Ethernet ports, Serial ports and analog value monitoring.  Model range in the following sizes:


  • Model 1000 – 12 inputs, 1 output, Analog and two Ethernet ports – SNMP, SNMPv2/v3, Security – SSH and SSHv2
  • Model 1800 – 16 or 32 inputs, 2 or 4 outputs, 8 analogs and Ethernet and/or modem
  • Model 2000 – 64 to 128 inputs, 8 outputs, numerous analogs and 4 Ethernet ports (2 PoE), SNMP, SNMPv2/v3, Security – SSH and SSHv2

eTraffic System

Server or VM Ware based system utilized to collect traffic information for the purpose of generating multiple engineering and traffic usage reports.  Modules include: Ribbon, Metaswitch, All DMS switching, #5ESS, EWSD and others.  Collection (polling) for single or multiple switches is handled by the ISD4000.

Engineering and Software Development

Cordell’s Analytic Group includes engineering and software development for customers requiring special development skills.  These include network reporting, video networks, Generator management, GETS Reports and reporting for specific purposes.

Cordell Network Solution Experts

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