Network management is crucial for a any company.  In the networks of today, we see that every manufacturer has their own EMS (Element Management System) for monitoring their products.  This becomes a challenge for the Network Admin/Technician, having to keep a terminal open for every side of the network.. Many hours are required, trying to set up each system for alarming and notification, managing on-call schedules, dealing with outages or scheduled maintenance, etc.  Cordell has the solution to this problem.

With our virtual software, all alarms are sent to our NMS (Network Management System) in the Operations Center of your network.  Then alarm management, storage, and configuration resides in a single location, saving you time and money.

With our highly detailed configuration models, companies have much better control over notification and alarm display.  Instead of being notified because of deceptive alarms, which will desensitize the recipient from serious occurrences, all notifications are for serious situations.  Inboxes are not overflowing with useless notifications that are either unimportant or the clear message has been sent from the originating device.  We manage this by only pushing notifications for alarms that have been active for a period of time, normally 5 minutes.  If a clear message comes in the alarm is stored, but not sent out.

Network Diagram