Metaswitch Cordell Partnership

Cordell/Metaswitch, La Verne, CA,

Cordell, Inc., a certified partner with Metaswitch and a major supplier of softswitch monitoring and traffic engineering software, announces its new expanded traffic solution software application with exception reporting for your VM Ware, blade farm or server.

This new offering includes nineteen reports and an eTraffic Exception Module for alarm reporting via e-mail or traps when designated criteria is exceeded in daily, weekly or monthly reporting. Cordell’s System not only furnishes timely reports, but also reduces the need for time consuming manual report generation. Cordell will be demonstrating this software throughout the year in various venues.

Cordell, Inc. has been a major supplier of network management and traffic engineering hardware and software for legacy and softswitch applications for more than 34 years. With headquarters in La Verne, CA and offices in Missouri and Florida, Cordell offers a wide range of products and support for more than 300 customers domestically and internationally.

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