By Trevor MathewsDeanWood

I had the pleasure of interviewing a CO tech from one of our newest customers, Dean Wood from Citizen’s Co-Op in Floyd, VA.  Dean was looking for something to monitor his whole network, he chose our C5 solution.


What’s your day-to-day, and how long have you been at Citizen’s Co-Op?
I am a Central Office Technician for Citizens. I have been working at Citizens for 19 years. We are a small/med size Telco that offers data, phone and video services across Fiber and Copper networks.  Wearing multiple hats is the norm, but the area that I tend to lean toward the most is our DSLAM.  I maintain and provision circuits on multiple Calix platforms.


What problems were you trying to solve when you started looking for a network management solution? 

Over the years I have been a part of some major changes.  From Dial-Up Internet to FTTP. In order to stay up on the latest, we are constantly upgrading our Video Head-End, DSLAM Gear and our Voice switch. The new gear along with our legacy gear was more than our older alarm system could handle. Our legacy alarm system served us well but it is a contact closure system only. We needed a system that would aggregate SNMP traps and contact closures into a format that was easy to navigate. We also wanted a system that we could receive detailed alarm notification. We were looking for a detailed solution. Some alarms we only wanted email notifications, some alarms we need a phone call or text and an email.


What other solutions did you look at besides Cordell?

We looked at several solutions. All the companies that we looked at had a solution that fit our needs but they all did it a little different. We are not a huge company. We are mid size who needed about 500 endpoints monitored. Cordell’s gear can handle a huge company but they are also designed to help out the medium to small size companies as well. Cordell was the only company that we looked at that priced their system based on the amount of MIBS we wanted to monitor. Other companies priced based off of total endpoints. This was a major selling point for us.


What other problems have you solved with using the Cordell Management Solution that you didn’t foresee?

Cordell came on site and did a one week training course. While training I noticed an alarm on my DSLAM gear that pointed at a packet discard that was over its threshold. This was a huge find for me and built my confidence in the system.


Any closing thoughts?

We are new with the system and still setting up the many features and details of our alarms. We look forward into deploying Cordell’s RTUs in the near future.  Cordell’s staff is great to work with. After we purchased our system I met some of the staff at a conference.   They are professional and eager to help.   I would highly recommend Cordell.


We’ll interview Dean again after a year working with the Cordell Solution, see what he has learned and where he is with monitoring his network.