New CINAS C5 Literature

CINAS Network Management System C5

Intermediate NOC for Multiple System Concentration

CiNAS Control Center – Cordell’s GUI interface is Windows based for ease of operation. The system is used for single switch or multiple alarm system consolidation. Local or Remote access of its screens is achieved via a standard browser. CiNAS-LT control center is comprised of an AC powered, high availability rack server running Windows Standard Server 2008, SQL and CiNAS application software. The system includes hot-swappable drives and power supplies.

Browser Interface – Workstations, laptops, cell phones, tablets, and anything with a browser can use their browser as a client to access the server with its Mapping, Dynamic and Chronological screens. There is no restriction or charge for additional users connected to the system.

Reporting – E-Mail, E-mail Paging, Text messaging, Voice Delivery

Monitoring – SNMP, ASCII, Serial, TL1, SysLog, Ping, Scripting

Real Time Performance Module – System collects and display information using graphs. Long term trending is also available.

CiNAS/EMS/ISD4000 Series II Software Functionality – CiNAS offers alarm consolidation of multiple systems into a single platform. Its field units and servers offer recovery capabilities should your network encounter problems. Optional Features such as Real Time Performance (Right) are available.


  • Security Password with ID Screening
  • Element Concentration – IP or Serial Connectivity
  • Network Integrity Monitoring – Reports loss of IP Connectivity
  • Multiple Level Alarm Reporting with Escalation (IP, dial-out, paging, text and E-mail delivery – Maximum 8 functions with a single alarm)
  • SNMP Trap Monitoring
  • Pinging Network elements for reporting – Programmable thresholds
  • SET/CLEAR Reporting – Eliminates Phantom reporting of alarms
  • Threshold Levels by time and occurrence
  • Monitoring environmental Alarms – Temperature, Power, Water
  • SSH Security Standard
  • Scripting Functionality with Programmable Scheduling
  • Identify Multiple Fields and/or a Boolean Expression (>, < or =)
  • Browser Based Report Generation – SNMP Traps, Traces, 911 Reports