On September 3, 2019, Cordell reached an agreement with Nex-Tech Inc. LLC, to acquire Cordell.  Nex-Tech connects thousands of people and businesses through a robust broadband network with cutting-edge technology.  Nex-Tech’s powerful network architectures, including fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) and fiber-to-wireless (FTTW) technologies, deliver leading-edge enterprise solutions to clients nationwide including a 24x7x365 network operations center (NOC), CALEA compliance, enterprise cloud services, security, managed IT, and advertising solutions. Nex-Tech will continue to build upon Cordell’s legacy, values and commitment to provide robust, reliable network solutions. The Cordell headquarters and employees remain in La Verne, California, and now operate as Cordell, a Division of Nex-Tech. Headquartered in Lenora, Kansas, Nex-Tech is 67 years into providing exceptional service to business and residential customers.

In July 2019, Cordell celebrated its 40th year of supporting the telecommunication industry.  Cordell’s present facilities include 3 new buildings made up of Administration, Engineering/Customer Service and Training.  These new “green” facilities provide the latest in communication testing and support for our customers.

Cordell Buildings located in La Verne, CA

It all began with William Lyle Cordell’s vision of supporting the new world of digital switching.  William served in WWII as a carrier electronic specialist in the Pacific.  After the war, he worked at Alston Products supporting analog solutions until starting Cordell Manufacturing Inc in 1979.

From 1982 – 1999, the company became involved in a number of new product lines.  The main theme was always a good product at a fair price, but most of all, William indicated that “customer service and support was always Cordell’s primary objective”.  In 1987, Cordell built its new Covina, CA building to support the additional sales and training.

Cordell Home from 1987-2001

In 1999, William Cordell retired, selling ownership to William and Carole Mathews. Bill Mathews having been with the company since 1983 became President and CEO and Carole became Corporate Secretary. This same year, Cordell moved to its new flagship product – the ISD3000, which later became the ISD4000. Cordell also introduced its new CiNAS 4.5 Network Control and eTraffic System in 1983. In 2018, Cordell launched its Voice Quality Measurement (VQM) for the C15™ and Metaswitch™.

“Our main goal remains to sell innovative solutions with reliable support our products.  To this end, Cordell does not charge for customer service telephone support for the life of the product and has one of the most cost effective support and maintenance programs in the industry.”

William E. Mathews, III – President and CEO

Cordell Network Solution Experts

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