C5 (CiNAs)

Cordell, Inc Network Administration System

CiNAS Network Management System Cordell’s GUI interface is Windows based for ease of operation. Windows workstations can use Cordell’s standard displays by accessing with a browser either locally or remotely. The CiNAS control center is comprised of a “high availability” server using Win Server Software, SQL, Cordell’s CiNAS alarm application and an EMS or ISD Concentrator/Element Manager. Cordell loads its application software and does basic configuration of the server prior to shipping. Workstations or laptops, can run virtually any browser that acts as a client to access the server and its GEO Mapping, Dynamic and Chronological presentations. There is no restriction or charge for additional users connected to the system. CiNAS is browser based and can be connected via mobile devices, laptops, cell phones etc.


Alarm Manager and Traffic Data Collection

The ISD4000 Network Administration Server is an industrial grade computing platform that falls into three functional areas: Intelligent Mediation, Network Health Management, and Network Data Collection. In its role as a Network Administration Server, the ISD4000 provides a flexible set of features enabling the system to interface with any Network Element. The objective of the ISD4000 is to deliver an Element Management System and Distributed Processing Platform together. This provides for interoperability between the network management system and any network element designed for the Central Office environment.


The Cordell solution to all your traffic needs

etrafficCordell’s Traffic has been designed to function in both single and multiple switch type environments. This allows the customer flexibility as networks grow and more switches are added. This is especially important when incorporating soft switch technology. Cordell’s Traffic consists of a main Windows server for report generation and a second EMS/ISD4000 server where data is transferred to the server to automatically build CSV files and subsequent processing for summation and reporting. In larger networks, multiple ISD4000 may be required for data collection for polling at a later date. Data is stored in multiple locations for up to a year.

Model 1000

Small Rack and Wallmount RTU

model1000Cordell’s Model 1000 RTU offers the latest in flexible, intelligent monitoring for contact points (12), an analog input, comprehensive IP management and access capabilities to sites. The Model 1000 furnishes the capability to cost effectively manage your remote sites with multiple serial and Ethernet ports. In addition, it has the capability to function as a sub-net (managed switch), eliminating the additional cost of connectivity for other equipment at remote sites.
The Model 1000’s ability to provide site alarm monitoring and I/O capacity to passive equipment makes it an intelligent extension of the Cordell’s C5 Network Management System®. Cordell’s RTU family is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.  The Model provides a small footprint and with the input and output connections conveniently located on the front panel, it ensures a simple and efficient installation process. All connectors are removable for easy maintenance. The Model 1000 is powered by a DC input (24vDC or 48vDC), and there is a direct battery backup connection (24vDC) available.

Model 2000

Large Rack and Wallmount RTU

The Cordell Model 2000 is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce operational costs, and improve operational efficiency. The 2000 is a cost-effective site management solution for small to medium sites where a system requires integration into your network. Cordell’s RTU provides four serial and four Ethernet ports for connectivity. Connections for its remote PoE blocks allows for either 64 or 128 inputs. Ethernet connectivity can be ordered with integrated GSM or CDMA wireless for data network connectivity. Each PoE block connects to the Model 2000 via Ethernet to provide alarm, sensor, and control interfaces for site management. It also receives power over single Ethernet (PoE) connection. The Model 2000’s ability to provide inexpensive site alarm monitoring and I/O capacity to remote sites makes it an intelligent and cost effective extension of the Cordell’s Network Management Solution.

Centurion III

Large Rack and Wallmount RTU

The flexible and expandable Centurion III Alarm Monitor is an intelligent Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that can locate problems in the telecommunications central office and all its remote facilities. The Centurion II’s exceptional troubleshooting capability extends beyond the network device to external factors outside the network that are often overlooked as the source of problems. These include facility and environmental elements – such as temperature and relative humidity, fire suppression systems, intelligent HVAC, power supply, and security systems – factors that are not usually monitored or are monitored separately from the network.

Model 1800

Small Rack and Wallmount RTU

The 1800 is a very cost effective solution designed to meet the growing need for smaller and more flexible remote monitoring solutions. This 1U box is fully compatible with the Cordell product line, as well as HP OpenView®, Micromuse, Netcool®, Ipswitch®, WhatsUpGold®, Castlerock SNMPc®, and most other SNMP Host system. It comes with either 32 or 16 inputs and has an HTML web interface. The box can be accessed remotely or locally. It does all SNMP, TL1, and TABS reporting.

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