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Frontier Cut of Verizon West VA Properties – 34 Cordell ISD4000

At mid-night on June 30th, Frontier cut of its Verizon properties consisting of 58 Class 5 Host/Remote offices, 42,000+ contact points and various other systems to their NY NOC using Cordell products for its monitoring requirements. Prior to the cut, Frontier and Cordell personnel worked jointly at their NY NOC facility to coordinate the installation, programming and reporting of these sites from West Virginia. In addition to on-site training, Cordell provided its new WebEx training. As of this date (60 days later), no failures or trouble tickets have been generated for the system or its monitoring.

Cordell – Silver Partner at Metaswitch Forum, Speaking/Booth #1

For more than 5 years, Cordell has worked with Metaswitch in developing one of the most detailed alarm monitoring and traffic analysis systems available. This September, Cordell will be a Silver Sponsor at their forum and will be introducing a new soft switch version of CiNAS 4.5 with its Real Time Performance software as part of its NOC System. Cordell will also be speaking on Network Convergence – Legacy, Soft switch, transmission, cable/head, cellular and environmentals.

Cordell Announces New ISD4000 Series II and Real Time Performance (with Trending)

August, 2010 – Cordell announced its new ISD4000 Series II equipped with Intel’s Core 2 Duo (2.93GHz) processor, 1GB RAM and dual Hot-Swappable Mirrored drives. In addition, the system now has a HTML interface to enhance its search capabilities and report generation.

Real Time Performance Software (RTP)

Cordell’s new RTP Software system is a web browser allowing you to collect data and display it with a graphical interface. this allows for a real-time performance display of your telecommunications network. Unlike other systems, RTP is not limited to items like environmental, but can display other entities, such as switch and network performance.

Cordell Begins 31th year

“We anticipate 2010 to be a banner year for us at Cordell Inc. Everyone is excited about our new U.S. headquarters building. Cordell is now scheduling User Group meetings and multiple training courses to bring synergy to our products. We will be using these meetings to build an open source platform to incorporate enhancements brought forth by the users.” states William E. Mathews III, Cordell’s CEO.

“We introduced significant features in our new product releases of both the CiNAS product family and our cornerstone, the ISD4000 Series II”, Bill Mathews continues. The new ISD4000 will feature an upgraded operating system, a web interface for alarm generation, a rich SNMP interface, and new dual, hot-swappable drives for today’s networks.”

Cordell major exhibitor at MetaSwitch Forum 2010

The Cordell CiNAS, eTraffic, ISD4000 and Model 1800 have been partner-certified by MetaSwitch for use on their switching systems. The ISD4000 can receive and distribute alarms, collect traffic using its new database management software and furnish information on network performance.

Cordell has expanded its role in the MetaSwitch User’s group and will be celebrating its 31th year with a major sponsorship at their show. Cordell is a Partner-Certified Solution provider with its new ISD4000 and Model 1800.

New ISD4000 Series II software includes softswitch, SNMP, TL1, ASCII monitoring with more alarm delivery options

The ISD4000 feature pack grows with software enhancements. In addition to larger (160GB) drives, larger Intel processor (2.93GHz) and an increase in RAM, there are hooks for multiple softswitch suppliers that include SNMP alarm collection, UDP messages, TCP/IP sockets, and telnet connections. Alarm delivery options include TCP/IP sockets, SNMP, SMS messaging, e-mail delivery, POTS dialout, and external connections. These features are tightly tied to the CiNAS Network Management product but integrates well with NetCool, NetSmart, and Harris NOC solutions.

Cordell becomes MetaSwitch Partner Certified

Cordell has been approved by MetaSwitch as a Partner-Certified Interoperability Solution Provider. After successfully passing a set of MetaSwitch tests in their Alameda Lab, the ISD4000 has been approved for use with their network products. Cordell’s LINUX based server will pre-process information, store data, manage SNMP traps and collect statistics. Qualified traps or information will be designated for alarm notification and/or report generation.

Frontier CommunicationsTM Use Cordell ISD4000 for West Virginia Cut

On July 1st 2010, Frontier CommunicationsTM acquired and assumed monitoring of the VerizonTM properties consisting of 58 Class 5 host/remote offices, 42,000+ contact points and various other sustems using Cordell’s ISD4000 for reporting to their New York network control center. Proor to the cut, Frontier and Cordell personnel worked jointly at their New York NOC facility to coordinate the installation, programming and reporting of these sites. In addition to on-site instruction, Cordell provided its new multi-location WebEx training. The cut was very successful, no failures or trouble tickets generated in the first month of operation.

Cordell Adds Training Classes to the new World Headquarters.

Cordell has its staff prepard for two sets of training classes in its new complex. “For 30 years, our Customers have relied on Cordell products, engineering and support. In turn, Cordell relies on these items and its customer service to generate repetitive business, which is why we have been so successful in the past years. Our new facility has been customized to accomodate a growing Customer Service group and the training required for our new products. This will insure that Customer Service remains at the forefront of everything that we do” says President William Mathews. “We’ve got some exciting new products that are best suited to a new, ever evolving telco/data environment and we’re building that support into our new facility to insure that it is perfect.”

Cordell/Nokia-Siemens Installs Latest EWSD Command Interface Software (Smart Commander™ replacement) at Nokia-Siemens Training Facility in Dallas

In 2010, Cordell released its latest version of its Command Interface Module (CIM) for replacement of Siemens’s Smart Commander™ product. Cordell’s XP based GUI interface is now being used in there training facility. The Command Assistant software using Extended Man Machine Language (EMML) can interface to multiple EWSD switches from the same workstation or laptop, connecting via Cordell’s multi-port ISD4000™ LINUX server. The Windows NT and X.25 facilities used for this purpose will no longer be required. In addition, the ISD4000 can monitor SNMP traps, TL1, ASCII and other network elements, reporting alarm conditions to various entities such as: control centers, pagers, e-mail, cell phones, etc. with the ability to escalate and schedule.

See your Siemens or Cordell representative for more information.

Cordell adds new Soft-Switch Traffic features to eTraffic Solutions

In addition to updating our existing traffic modules (5ESS ™, Nortel DMS100 ™, DMS10™ and GTD5 ™), Cordell’s software group has added the EWSD, MetaSwitch, and Cedar Point to its growing line of traffic engineering studies group. In addition to offering this system as a product, our Missouri office headed by Mary McDonald, also conducts studies for customers as an optional service using Cordell’s traffic server in California.

New Battery Monitoring & temperature Probe features added to the 1800

Link to Midpoint Battery Monitoring page where you can learn when it’s time to equalize your battery strings or you can see when a single cell is failing.

Cordell Atlantic/Caribbean Project Virgin IslandsTelephone Upgrade

Cordell has added contracts with TeleBermuda™ and Bermuda Telephone™ to its existing projects with Virgin Island Telephone & TeleCaymans ™ with its Vertical Alarm Solution (VAS) including the new CiNAS ™ Browser based network control center, ISD4000 Element Managers, the Centurion II and the WS1800 discrete contact closure devices. These systems will allow for continual growth within their respective Countries. Bermuda Telephone will be using Cordell’s new ISD4000 to concentrate a large number of Cordell Model 1800 RTU devices for discrete alarm reporting. TeleCayman LLC has interfaced its new Nortel CS1500 soft switch and multiple radio sites to create an easy-to-manage network using Cordell’s CiNAS system. Back to Top

Codetel expands in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – Codetel expanded its Cordell unit population to more than 350 devices with its latest purchase of the ISD3000c NightWatch alarm servers. This smaller (shoebox) version of the full size ISD3000 reports to two (2) Cordell concentrators via IP and dial out for alarm correlation and historical storage.

Cordell adds Battery Monitoring and NEBS 3 Certification on Model 1800

Figure: 1800 Remote Monitoring Interface

La Verne CA – The 1800 is a very cost effective solution designed to meet the growing need for smaller and more flexible remote monitoring solutions.


  • Battery Monitoring – Voltage, etc.
  • Fully tested with all Cordell Element Manager products
  • SNMP, TL-1 and TABS reporting
  • Serial ports can be configured for pass through
  • Ethernet and Modem support (autonomous or dial-in)
  • Traps containing point description, severity, current state and timestamp
  • Rackmount (1 U rack height 1.75″, 19″ rack mount) pictured above
  • Wall mount enclosure (dimensions 10″ x 8″ x 1.25″) not shown
  • Compatible with HP OpenView®, Micromuse, Netcool®, Ipswitch®, WhatsUpGold®, Castlerock SNMPc®, and most other SNMP Host systems
  • 16 Opto-isolated Inputs / 2 Relay Outputs in the base unit (NO/NC)
  • Expandable to 32 inputs / 4 outputs
  • 50 pin AMP connector
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Connection 1 x RJ45
  • Serial Connection for local console access
  • 1 x RJ11 Serial or Modem Connection
  • Status display on faceplate, 16 input, 2 outputs, LAN activity, power
  • Local and remote (via Telnet) configuration, text-menu driven
  • Local firmware upgrade capability through serial port
  • Standard -48VDC Telecom power requirement
  • Extended temperature range of -40° to +70° Celsius
  • Analog inputs
  • Remote configuration
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Temperature, AC Power, Humidity, & Water Sensors

ISD4000 Series II enhancements including syslog logging, DNS, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, and Radius server verification and enhanced security

In addition to the monitoring of network elements and soft switches, Cordell has also introduced the following items in the new ISD4000:

Advanced Pinging Test – Individual and (in case of ultiple elements) Network Alarm reporting (based on multiple elements involved.)

Syslog Alarm Collection and Delivery –

  • Deliver alarms to a remote syslog server
  • Collect alarms from syslog clients

Network Service (daemon) Testing –

Queries server (Unix/Linux/Windows) to verify service/daemon funtionality.

  • DNS server testing
  • SMTP server testing
  • Radius server testing
  • FTP server testing
  • HTTP server testing

Enhanced Security –

  • Clear text passwords are a thing of the past with SSH connectivity
  • Simplify your User and Password management with the Radius client. All ISD3000 menu logins are controlled by your own Radius Server.

Thresholding (Time and Occurrence) – This feature has been enhanced and expanded.

Nokia-Siemens and Cordell Inks 2nd Longterm Contract to Replace SmartCommander

November, 2008 – Cordell and Nokia-Siemens agreed to a longterm contract giving Cordell the rights to replace the existing EWSD SmartCommander hardware/software platforms with Cordell’s new Command Assistant. This product has now gone through engineering certification for approval.

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