Interview with Dean Wood from Citizen Co-op

By Trevor Mathews I had the pleasure of interviewing a CO tech from one of our newest customers, Dean Wood from Citizen’s Co-Op in Floyd, VA.  Dean was looking for something to monitor his whole network, he chose our C5 solution.   What’s your day-to-day, and how long have you been at Citizen’s Co-Op? I […]

Cordell Careers

Here you will find all the latest job opportunities for Cordell.   We’re always looking for new experienced people to work with us at Cordell.  Characteristics that we are looking for in every applicant: A strong academic record and a good degree in a Telecoms or Networking related subject. An aptitude for understanding and solving complex […]

Monitoring with Cordell

Network management is crucial for a any company.  In the networks of today, we see that every manufacturer has their own EMS (Element Management System) for monitoring their products.  This becomes a challenge for the Network Admin/Technician, having to keep a terminal open for every side of the network.. Many hours are required, trying to set up […]

Cordell Press Release October 2012

Cordell Announces New Metaswitch Traffic Software with Exception Reporting Cordell, Inc., an accredited partner with Metaswitch and a major supplier of soft switch monitoring and traffic engineering software, announces its new traffic solution software application with exception reporting for your VM Ware, blade farm or server. This new offering includes seventeen reports and an eTrafficException […]

New Metaswitch Traffic Reports

Manage your all of your traffic needs with our eTraffic system Cordell’s eTraffic has been designed to function in both single and multiple switch type environments. This allows the customer flexibility as networks grow and more switches are added. This is especially important when incorporating soft switch technology. Cordell’s e Traffic consists of a main […]

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